I have been thinking about skirted tables a lot lately. They really do bring a little something extra to a room. Dressing tables with skirts started showing up in France around the 18th Century as a place for women to put on her perfume and makeup. The table above has a gorgeous skirt that adds another layer to the room and brings everything together. 

I most often think of the skirted table in an entry or living room or bedroom (as a bedside table). These tables add storage (you can hide baskets and boxes underneath) and should not be used in every room of the home. I love the idea of each table being a focal point draped in fabulous fabric. 

Here are two great examples of the skirted table used in two different settings. The entry on the left has a gorgeous pleated skirt that adds warmth to the hallway. Imagine a regular wooden table in this image instead. It would not appear nearly as layered. The same goes for the table in the bedroom on the right. The four poster beds are gorgeous but for some reason the skirted table brings another textile in the room. I love the lights on the table and add a few baskets underneath and you have a spot to throw some magazines or books and have them out of the way. 

Two more gorgeous rooms with a skirted table used in very different ways. Tom Sheerer created the entryway on the left and how amazing is that fireplace? For such a large space the table in the middle stands as a place to set your items when you walk through the door. This was also another way to add a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. On the right you have a gorgeous room that is very functional. Again, the table adds another color to the room and softens things angles seen on the ceiling. Here you have a living room on the right and a dining table on the left. This skirted table in between acts as one more conversation spot whether it be the table the children eat at when the dining table is full or a place to play games or cards when people are in the living room on the sofas. Such a wonderful idea!

Things to remember when adding a skirted table to your home:

* Do not add more than one or two skirted tables. Each should stand out on its own.
* The addition softens a room as a way to add fabric. A great place to start is a room without drapes.
* Add a skirt to a room that has a lot of "leggy" furniture. One more way to add a layer!
* Storage! In addition to looking pretty, these tables can house boxes, baskets or anything else you want to keep out of eyesight. 

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