I love the styling on the shelving above. It is a corner that is both pretty and functional and I am guessing it gets a lot of use. With a small kitchen renovation underway, I have been thinking a lot about our kitchen and how it should function. We have a corner that is small that I need to do something with stat. Every inch in a kitchen should be considered for both function and style. Considering my kitchen is small, I want to use this corner for something practical. I have a tiny cabinet that serves at the pantry and all my cabinets will be up to the ceiling. In order to avoid having everything tall and closed in, I am adding a cabinet in the corner with open shelving above. 

A cabinet like you see in the upper left works perfectly for those that do not have something similar. It also serves as a nice piece of furniture in the kitchen.   On the right I love the plate rack. I considered this but we have room in our cabinets for our plates and I really need shelving to act as a place to store extra wine glasses and things I cannot fit in the rest of my cabinets. 

I am in love with the pantry on the upper left above. To me this serves many purposes. I may not have a room on its own like this but it has served as inspiration for my tiny corner nook in the kitchen. I also prefer a closed cabinet below to hold platters and the not-so-pretty things in the kitchen but I happen to love the looks of the baskets on display.  For a really tight space, the small shelves on the right are perfect. I love the addition the door makes to the room and the light nearby. This option works for many people that do not have depth to work with in the kitchen. You can even build in between the studs and have this set into the wall. A genius idea for a small bar area if that's what you need. 

Some things to remember when adding storage in the kitchen:

1)  Be sure to mix closed and open shelving and cabinets. A kitchen with all closed cabinets or tall cabinets will feel cluttered.
2)  Think about what you can add to open shelves and will be used. Adding pieces that are never rotated in your kitchen will likely collect dust so use the items!
3)  If adding a cabinet be sure to think about the depth if you want to store larger items. Also be sure the doors allow you to add those pieces even if the inside depth is correct.

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