It is funny how you tend to go into overdrive when there is a baby on the way. With only a few months to go, I feel as though I am trying to check every little thing off my to-do list, especially when it comes to our own home. 

We have wanted to update our kitchen for some time. It is a sight for sore eyes and without going through an entire gut job we have decided to update a few things and make it look better for the time being. I have finally made some decisions and the job will include newly painted cabinets, a few new appliances, new hardware and then a few extra details. It is so exciting to finally make even these minor changes that will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the space. Unfortunately, the countertop is staying since it is granite but it is not the granite I would ever choose! 

When I began turning to inspiration for the kitchen I quickly realized the look I was going for. I love the look of colored cabinets and thought about it for some time before deciding to go with a neutral theme to go with the rest of the floor of our home which is neutral. 

I was pretty smitten with this kitchen done by Michael Smith and that golden ceiling really got to me. Not sure it goes with our home but I keep going back to this kitchen with the mix of metallics. Gorgeous! 

These tones with the dark countertops are perfect in the image found here. I have a very warm countertop that I am trying to blend in with cooler tones that exist elsewhere. 

This kitchen is so light and bright! I love everything done by Nam Dang-Mitchell.

The clean lines in this kitchen by James Michael Howard show a great combination of a traditional style (cabinet) with a modern edge. Perfect for todays households.

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designchic said...

I love the kitchen by James Michael Howard, but like you, the ceiling in the first images is amazing!! Only 2 months left - so exciting!!