Since January is here I have been trying to get my act together and prioritize some organization in the house. With 20 weeks to go until the new addition to our family arrives, I suddenly feel as though my productive life timeline has been shortened. 

I have always loved this office space designed by Timothy Whealon.  It is simple yet functional while adding just the right decorative objects. My office is not a pretty sight these days and needs an overhaul. Every time I think about tackling the clutter I get overwhelmed and continue working beside the mess. As a goal, I am going to finally get my act together and make it an office I want to run into and begin working daily. Here are some of my favorite spaces I am using for inspiration as well as some items I plan on purchasing to add order to the chaos.

Some of my priorities include the following:

1) Organize the closet - I have shelving much like this image in my closet. Now I need the boxes, baskets and containers to corral the mess.

2) Storage for shelving - I love this organized desktop and have shelving above my own desk. Everything that is hiding that should be easily accessible needs to be on these shelves which includes more storage that looks good in the open.

3) Some color - I have had a white office for awhile now and I think I am finally over it.  The two images above are causing me to want to paint and add some color. I have always loved the fabric organization of Bunny Williams office and need some additional baskets of my own. I also love the punch of color the drapes bring in this office.

Goal: Make a white office feel more like a casual space in the home.

1.  I love these simple shelves to hang on a blank wall space. 

2.  Clearly I am on a navy kick as of late. These drapes may be perfect.

3.  This lamp is a pipe dream but it would be perfect for my desk!

4.  Great boxes in different shapes for the closet.

5.  Baskets....and more baskets. 

6.  A cute vase with texture since every office needs some flowers.

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designchic said...

We're working on organization at our house too - room by room. I always feel more productive when things are in order...Love the first image!!