When it comes to organizing the kitchen, I could probably write numerous posts starting with the fridge, moving on to the pantry and then add everything in between.  We may be starting a small kitchen renovation soon and I hate to admit but it is also the perfect time for me to think about organizing every inch of the space.  I love the image above and not only the labels and perfect cabinet but the food on the counter. That's my counter everyday (and it's not this pretty). 

I figure for today I will focus on the space inside the cabinets. This is where things get messy at my house. I have almost empty bags of food and need to focus on making my pantry a space with food I cannot wait to cook. Our pantry is small but I still want it to look good. It is important to know what to store where (some good tips here) to keep food fresh as long as possible.  These images (and more) are serving as my inspiration for this project.  For those that really want to tackle organizing the home, I came across this post that has items to check off It is ambitious!

- Containers make the pantry. Using a rectangular or square container will save space and line up on each shelf.

- LABELS. Easy enough to make yourself by picking up some of these

- If you have a large pantry then baskets come in handy as well. You can store extra linens or items that do not easily stack on shelves. 

1. Easily stackable containers work for all foods from rice to pasta.

2. I love the looks of this canister especially if you have room on the countertop!

3.  Labels help you easily identify items as soon as you open that cabinet door.

4.  More baskets!

5.  I am a huge fan of these jars and use them for everything from storage to fun drinks.

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LindsB said...

That Martha really knows how to make cute organization labels!