I figure why not make this week all about organizing? As I look to be inspired with one project, such as the office, I suddenly find myself wanting to organize everything in the house. One very ignored space in our home is the coat closet. Honestly, there is no way I will every purchase a home without some kind of closet at the entrance. Everyday I am throwing shoes, jackets or grocery bags into the closet and out of the way. It is getting to the point where I am having trouble finding matching gloves or even shoes. 

Our coat closet is about the same size as the one in the image above and it may have started out looking that good. Some of the necessities to corral all the items include the following.

1) Hangers that all match - I am very good at finding leftovers in other closets to add another jacket to the closet.

2) Boxes/Baskets - They are necessary to separate scarves, mittens or umbrellas.

3)  A shelf to add two levels of shoes.

4)  Hooks for the most used items.

4)  Space for miscellaneous bags 

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designchic said...

My entrance hall closet needs some serious the baskets and beautiful organized!!