I always have good intentions to organize my master bathroom so it looks really good, then I end up just buying some plastic containers and sticking them under the sink in the cabinet.  If I had the bathroom above, I would probably not have this problem.  The fact that our bathroom needs a MAJOR overhaul may have something to do with this but as of now, I am focusing on other rooms in the house. 

It really does not take much to make a bathroom organized (even an ugly one) and I resolve to freshen things up until we can gut the space and start over. These are just some of the images I have saved that have given me ideas on what I can change now and what I plan to do in the future!

Some of the necessities to add organization to your bathroom include:

1) Interesting containers to hold everyday items.

2) Baskets for towels. These appear to be a theme when it comes to organizing!

3) Trays to add to the counter (so long as they are easy to maintain)

Here are some of my recent favorites that make any bathroom more chic.

1. A pretty tray for the countertop

2. This mirror is chic on the counter in a corner!

3. I swear by these trays in all drawers and under the sink. They help corral all the makeup and bottles.

4. These glass jars are the perfect size and don't take up too much space.

5. Baskets again! A great item to roll and display some towels for your guest bath.


designchic said...

We've been working on organization around our house too and love your inspiration images...great tray from Restoration!!

Emily said...

So glad you are enjoying the posts! I am definitely trying to get organized around here!