Ever since we learned we were expecting I have been thinking about the nursery design. Truthfully, I have had a secret board on Pinterest for years gathering some of my favorite images for when my time came around. Now that it's here, I must admit, I go back and forth daily thinking about how I want to decorate the room (it also doesn't help that we do not yet know the sex). 

Based on these images, I am definitely going for a space that is light and neutral. I love the idea of some bright colors but when I think of a newborn I can't help but want a fresh, bright room with pops of color. Now if only I can talk my husband into finding out if it's a boy or a girl at our doctors appointment this week! 

Images (Top to bottom, left to right)
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LindsB said...

umm hello you are a designer, you TOTALLY need to find out the sex so you can decorate :)