I go on a salad kick every once in awhile. Normally I will throw together a quick salad with dinner but lately I have been trying to get my act together and really make a salad I cannot wait to eat. These three salads have recently been on my list and as complicated as they look, it is very simple to prep all the individual items and throw in the fridge to then quickly whip up for lunch or dinner. 

Deconstructed Falafel Salad - My current favorite. I could eat this salad everyday for weeks. It is that good.

Bulgur, Tofu, Kale Salad - A hearty meal. I will go for any salad that includes fruit normally.

Red Cabbage Salad - Whenever I buy cabbage there is always SO much leftover. This is a simple salad that is delicious.


KAR said...

YUM! I plan to be all over the deconstructed falafel bowl asap.

LindsB said...

Want to come to my house and make these for me? kthanksbye

Emily said... will LOVE it! My new favorite for sure!

Emily said...

Lindsay, sure thing! Just be sure to have some virgin cocktails ready for me!