As a vegetarian, I had a tough time eating during my first trimester. I quickly went from one who eats lots of fruits and veggies to someone who could not stand to look at vegetable, let along eat any. I craved anything with dairy (yogurt, cereal, cheese) and lots of citrus which got me through the first three months. 

I am happy to report I can now go back to normal eating habits (give or take a few chosen vegetables). Normally when January roles around I am usually on a detox plan, eating only fruits and veggies while forgoing sugar and carbs. Luckily, I'm not on that plan this year. Either way, these are some of the staples I make regularly that I can also not get enough of this time of year. I highly recommend trying any of them!

1)  I am a bit of a citrus addict and as soon as I see the clementines, grapefruits or oranges on the shelves, I am throwing them in my cart. This drink is refreshing and I love adding to seltzer during the day.

2) This citrus salad is also a winner. Sometimes I throw the fruit together without adding the syrup. 

3)  One great way to eat veggies when they do not sound good; make soup. I am obsessed with this carrot soup and the chickpeas are great for snacking on too! 

4)  Protein is always an issue during pregnancy being a vegetarian so I try to eat eggs a few times a week. This egg salad recipe is on my rotation.

5) Chickpeas are also on a constant rotation in this household. Roasted chickpeas are always in my purse for a snack on the run or I add them to as many dishes as possible. I LOVE this salad.

6)  I make this chia pudding all of the time for breakfast or dessert. These days I am always reaching for a piece of dark chocolate or something to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love the chocolate version of this pudding. 

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