There is just something about the new year starting that causes me to dive right back into the health foods after a gluttonous holiday season.  I just made a big pot of this tea to enjoy during the afternoon and I have been making this snack almost daily. During the winter breakfast consists of oatmeal or a big green smoothie to start the day.  I often change up the ingredients based on what is in my fridge but this is one of my favorite smoothies to date. 

I add all ingredients listed above to my Vitamix and blend! If you need to, add a little water or coconut milk to blend more easily. Oftentimes I substitute mango for pineapple and then throw in some protein powder, chia seeds or flax seeds. The lime packs a big punch as well so make sure to add just a small sliver or it takes over all other flavors!

I am expecting and due at the end of May and we could not be more excited! We are still debating whether or not to find out the gender (I am all for it but the hubby would prefer to wait). Either way, plans on the nursery are underway! Now that I am finally back on my green smoothies and eating regular food I am ready to tackle lots of projects this spring while continuing to work with clients. Here's to a fabulous 2014!


Deliciously Organized said...

So exciting, Emily!!!! Congrats!!!

Sharon R said...

Congratulations on your news!! Very happy for you and hubby!