It is funny what happens when the weather begins to change. I find myself, like many others, searching for rooms that appear warm and cozy. It seems that along with the cozy, I find myself suddenly loving the look of "pretty" rooms. This could be due to the cooler temperatures or me just going through books I have not read in some time but I felt this way as soon as I opened up At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past by Suzanne Rheinstein.  Suzanne truly has an eye for detail and every room in this book displays something special she found or used from a clients' collection. 

I love the light that streams into the living room above as well as the sophisticated, yet youthful girls' room. The custom built-in beds are also adorable and lends a sense of modernity, juxtaposed with the antique lamp and side table. Pick up this book to see the rest of the spectacular details on every single page.

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