This kitchen renovation has a little bit of everything, if you ask me. It is informal with a touch of glamour (look at those lights!), casual yet sophisticated and elegant with some rustic touches (I love that big stainless steel farmhouse sink). The kitchen belongs to Lynda Reeves, the Creative Director of House And Home Magazines' design studio (and also a founder!). I am certain a lot of thought went into the details of this kitchen.

I love how Lynda created a large island that also serves as a table. This is just one example of how something can serve as double duty in a narrow space. Still includes seating for six!

My favorite part of the kitchen (along with those gorgeous knobs). Lynda kept the shelving open to display her platters and plates. Gorgeous enough to serve as a focal point instead of keeping them behind doors!

Just one more example of how one thing can serve two purposes. I love the organization in these drawers!

It looks as though the outside space is as gorgeous as the kitchen and those doors bring in so much light. One day I will have a home that has at least one set of these doors. They lend a modern touch to a traditional space and in my opinion, Lynda was able to create a gorgeous space that brings together both old and new. 

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