I love going to the Smithsonian to see the kitchen of Julia Child. I have been many times and each visit I seem to find something new to look at that I had not seen before. With all the fancy kitchens we see existing today it is nice to know that that Ms. Child was able to accomplish all those fabulous dishes in this kitchen (and her small kitchen in Paris) without All-Clad pans or a Wolf range. I love how all her favorite items were displayed for easy access and so much easier when it comes to clean up, no? 

While I am probably still considered a novice in the kitchen, I am always looking for new tips or ideas that will help me out. Over the years I have bookmarked many a site while doing my research and figure you may enjoy these tips as well. 

If you have any recommendations on additional tips, I would love to hear from you!

1)  Whether it be clean up, set up or technique, I love these tips by The Kitchn.

2)  I find myself always searching for tips when it comes to baking. These posts by Joy have come in VERY handy especially now that holiday baking is right around the corner.

3)  The top chefs know what they are talking about. I have to say I always season my greens before adding dressing to the salad now.

4)  With a blog as sweet as this one you cannot go wrong with these suggestions. It is probably best to just print the list out and hang on the fridge!

5)  I love the visuals on these common cooking mistakes and how to succeed next time around.  Guilty as charged for more than one of these mistakes.

6)  You can never go wrong picking up a copy of this magazine. Such great advice and pictures included!

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