This year we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and my inlaws will be joining us. Last year we had a great time making the turkey with all the fixings but portions remained small since it was just the two of us. Now that there will be a (small) crowd I feel as though I have to be on my game. Luckily, my husbands aunt lives nearby and will be joining us. She will be making the turkey so I can make everything else and use the oven.  Some of these recipes are constants around here and a few are new to me but I figure they all look delicious so can you ever really go wrong? 

1.  We made this stuffing last year and it is GOOD! A little bit out of the ordinary but I am not sure anyone would dislike it at all. A bit spicy but delicious!

2.  Pumpkin pie is a staple in our home come October and normally I just throw one together quickly and bake it. This year I'll try this recipe.

3.  Normally we eat very healthy but this rule goes out the window on Thanksgiving. These mashed potatoes are to die for and they are worth adding them to the table once a year. 

4.  Greens are a must on the Thanksgiving table and I love brussel sprouts. These are easy and quick to make. 

5.  The proper dinner role is necessary for a great meal. I am going to give this one a try this year. 

6.  I am a pomegranate addict. When I see them in the store I begin hoarding them in the house and adding them to every smoothie or dish that's around. Paired with sweet potatoes this dish must be good!

I would love to hear what some of your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving include! 

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