There is really nothing that I love more than a home with a great front porch. The home I grew up in had a big porch and maybe that is where the love comes from. Either way, I am a fan.  I found this home from a local (to me) architect and I love the symmetry as much as I do that porch. Did you notice the nice garage with the room on the second floor? This could very well be the perfect home if you ask me. 

I picture a family with lots of children running around in this house and today I thought I would put together a fun girls room. There are most likely plenty of bedrooms in this home for each child to have his own but I think it's more fun to have a space shared instead. Here is my take on a girls room shared by two sisters. 

I began with the amazing John Robshaw fabric on the bed as my inspiration which led me to use a color palette of pink, red and gray. Just imagine those upholstered beds with that fun print! I would place two beds with the dresser in between for extra storage and a fun bean bag chair at the ends of the beds. If I were young again I would definitely want to be in a fun room like this one! 

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