There are a number of things that I love about this house, but I must admit, I was first taken by the fact that the trees were turning. Afterwards, I became engrossed in all those windows and that amazing outdoor space where I imagine many gatherings take place until the temperatures drop too low. Surprisingly, this home is in Tennessee and takes shape with Georgian, Colonial Revival and Federal styles. If asked where this home was located I would have immediately mentioned New England but perhaps I need to give Tennessee a try now? Ken Tate is the architect for this home and although this view makes the home look a tiny bit modest, the house rings in at 10,000 sq. ft. Definitely larger than what I will ever need in life, yet I would take the small wing to the right seen above!

I love the dormer windows on the second and third levels here and imagine a gorgeous bathroom for the lady of the home that looks out on this wonderful backyard. Who wouldn't want to settle into a bath like this after a long day?

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