I have had this image saved on my computer for what I think is years. If given the chance, I would probably move into this charming garage.  Between the window boxes, that adorable arbor leading to what I imagine is an amazing backyard and the classic black and white, I am sold. Let's not forget about the perfect onion lights, something that brings me back to my days growing up on Cape Cod when my parents installed a set at our front door. May I please move in now???

I have big dreams for myself and one of them has always been to end up in a home with a detached garage someday. Of course it will never look like the image above but I imagine creating a cozy office on the second level so I can work "outside" the house. I will keep counting my stars and working hard so that this dream may one day become a reality.  In the meantime, here are some of the items I would use to decorate the space.

Not normally a huge fan of red, I found this rug which kicked off my inspiration for the room.  Paired with new wallpaper that I am DYING to use in a project, this office space is one I could most likely live in forever. Lots of storage is always necessary and I for one have always loved how neat and tidy Bunny Williams keeps her space. So easy with lots of baskets! 

Office Necessities:

*Lots of storage
*Comfortable chairs for client visits
*Brass to add warmth

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