Once fall rolls around my love of neutrals in the home seems to wane and I immediately begin thinking pattern. It's around this time that I start to love the look of some pattern in the home and one of the first things that come to mind is anything paisley (before making way for anything plaid prior to the holidays).  The bedroom above designed by Charlotte Moss may be heavy on the pattern but there is something so calming about the room. It must be those warm colors that just scream "welcome" to me. 

Known as the "tear drop shape with a curve" the pattern is of Persian or Indian origin and originated in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Here is some wonderful information on the pattern if you are interested in learning more. I find the history of this stuff fascinating. 

Here are some of my favorite looks and items with paisley that have me wanting to shop this season!

These rooms are so cheerful and inviting! The color palette on the left is very simple and I love that the canopies serve as the headboards. The large scale panels in the room on the right make a great statement but do not take away from the look of the entire room. Those walls pack a major punch!

This room, designed by Lauren Liess, adds a touch of paisley with her fabric for the window panels and adds just the right touch to the otherwise simplistic room. 

This bathroom is a great example of how a very traditional print can become up-to-date in a large scale. When paired with a contemporary sink this bathroom takes on a whole new look.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns that I would love to add to a clients home, or my own!

Clockwise from top right: fabric // pillow // fabric // fabric // fabric
Images via Pinterest

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