"Experience has taught me something else as well: many times, a client will trust a decorator more than an architect... Decorators are by contrast very adept at thinking outside the box; they're capable in the best sense, of an undisciplined approach that can be much more fun, and introduce lively moments into a project that otherwise might not be there."
-Gil Shafer - The Great American House

Gil Shafer is a fabulous architect and this book is a definite for any home library. I used one of his creations in a post earlier this week and figured I would use his words today to describe not only how he collaborates with decorators but how, when working together to build a home, the client will end up with the best outcome.  

The room above is decorated with wonderful layers. A lot of thought went into every detail when designing this bedroom. I love the formality that the custom window treatments and the red brings into the room while the bamboo bed and wallpaper allow a casualness to shine through. 

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