"Done right, balance is the end result of everything that's come before: graceful proportions, the artful use of color, a judicious mix of materials and textures, energetic contrasts - in short, the sum that is great than its many parts.....Balance comes from addressing every details down to the hinges and electrical outlets, the piping and key tassels, the artwork and objets, yet, just as important, also from knowing when to stop."
-Alexa Hampton, Alexa Hampton: The Language of Interior Design

Whenever I read something by Alexa Hampton I am always inspired. She is so good at her job which is the result of not only great schooling but from growing up and learning from her father, Mark Hampton. I can only imagine what it was like to travel with Mr. Hampton and start learning about significant architecture and art at such a young age. 

The quote from above is from Alexa Hampton's prior tome but I am just as excited to receive the new book in the mail soon. Balance in every room is incredibly important and as she mentions, it's included in every single detail, right down to the placement of the outlets. The image above displays balance as it should be, with items properly placed so as to appear collected instead of cluttered. I absolutely love this image. 

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