Even when I'm not cooking or baking anything elaborate, I'm often using some sort of kitchen tools daily to boil, whisk or mix something for dinner. I have found that over the years I continue to use a handful of items ALL the time while other items from the wedding registry get dusty in the cabinets until a holiday rolls around. Other than your basic pots and pans and cutting boards, these are most of the items that get a workout in my kitchen. I highly recommend each and every one and although some are a bit pricey, I know I have already gotten my money's worth.

Clockwise from top right:

1)  I use my Vitamix daily to make smoothies or even salad dressing. It's the blender that gets the job done. The blender is not cheap but if you are patient, you can find it for a great price here

2)  When I opened these tiny spatulas during my bridal shower I had no idea what I would do with them. Turns out I am always reaching for one to empty a can or jar of something.

3)  Inexpensive and perfect for mixing or storage, I use every size of these bowls.

4)  I had this small food processor before I received the large one for my wedding. I still pull it out to quickly dice vegetables or make a salad dressing. Much easier cleanup too!

5)  Most likely in my top three favorite tools. Everyone needs a small whisk.

6)  My mother gave me these mixing bowls years ago and I have no idea why she wanted to get rid of them. They come with lids and the rubber bottoms keep you from having to see them slip or move. 

7)  I love my pots and pans but this pan is almost used daily in this household. You can cook anything in it and also throw it in the oven. I want 5 more in different sizes.  

8)  Just love my steel measuring spoons!

9)  Another item I had no idea I would use so often. I am always zesting something for a salad, dressing or entree.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite kitchen tools include as I am always looking for the next item I cannot live without!

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