I recently came across Bates Masi Architects while reading an old magazine. I tend to go for more traditional style homes and their work is on the contemporary side, but there is something so inviting about their spaces. Many of their homes can be seen on Long Island and I, for one, would love to see one of these spaces in person. I can just picture a celebration going on during a crisp fall day at the home seen above, can't you? 

Since I believe the heart of every party begins in the kitchen, I figure what better room to display in this week's Exterior/Interior feature. Here is the look along with some appliances that will work hard to put on the event of the year.

Characteristics of a sophisticated and modern kitchen:

*Clean lines with flat front cabinets
*Neutral color palette that includes warm and cool surfaces
*Hard-working appliances
*Different textures to add interest to a neutral space (flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc)

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