I recently purchased two bookcases from an unfinished furniture store to add to our living room. I highly recommend this as a way for someone to get the look of a built-in without having to worry about custom work being done. There are some fantastic options out there and some places will even let you customize additional details, swap out trim, etc.  Once we are finished, I'll remove the trim to place the bookcases right up against the wall. We will also separate the two with a chair and some artwork (I think) in between so they will not be sitting next to each other.

I am at the point of trying to decide whether or not to paint the entire bookcases the color of the trim in the room, or if I need to add a bit of color. The room is not huge and I do not want these to be an eyesore. We really need the room to store many of our books that are taking up space in other areas of the house. I happen to love the image above. The bookcases are doing their job and not standing out (too much) in the lovely room.  This room is so cozy with the roman shade and the gorgeous tapestry; not to mention those incredible chairs!

The walls in the living room are a soft gray with a touch of blue. I am debating whether or not to pain the insides the same color and love the way these bookcases pop with the same green that is on the walls.

Such a gorgeous statement the shelves above make with the high contrast. Probably not the direction I will go but I LOVE this room. It also happens to be designed by my very favorite Thomas O'Brien. He can do no wrong (in my opinion). 

There is always the option of going a shade darker than the walls, like the gorgeous shelves above. Although I hope to fill the shelves with books rather than have them styled with objects. 

I also love the idea of sconces on the side of each bookcase. Next up I am looking for a little bench to fit in between the two bookcases and some lighting is necessary. 

I will be sure to keep you updated and welcome any advice if you may have as well!

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