My parents came down to visit us last week and we were able to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather we have had down here.  Luckily, this included a trip to visit Annapolis, which is one of my favorite places to wander around in Maryland.

We walked the streets and walked the campus of the Naval Academy then ate at Cantler's on the water. If you are ever in the area and love crabs (or crab cakes) be sure to hit this spot up. It's delicious!

Here are a few of the images that inspired me as we walked around the seaside town.

These homes are on the Naval Academy campus and are reserved for faculty. How perfect are they with the screened porches and striped awnings? I am seriously in love with the blue, gray and mint green color palette!

Thank you for all the well wishes on my new venture and the new look!  It is both exhausting and thrilling to be starting a new business and so far I am loving every minute.  Be sure to follow me on social media as well.

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Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

what a fun day trip! i went with some friends last year to annapolis for the day to try out some acclaimed food stops and had a great time - so beautiful!


My hometown! So beautiful.....