I recently came across this image of pumpkins covered in chalkboard paint.  The colors scream fall to me and the palette is so deep and rich.  I love the white, gray, and inky blue paired with gold accents. My office has been disorganized for too long now and with the new season upon us, I figure it is time to get it together.  The color palette is the perfect inspiration for me so I have found some items that I love/want/need (or already have) in order to put the look together. The highly organized image on the bottom is Bunny's.  It is serving as inspiration for the neatness I am hoping to achieve.

1.  I need this art stat since I am a New Englander at heart.

2.  Would love to add a pair of these sconces next to my desk.

3.  Inexpensive but good-looking bookends.

4.  Love the inky blue in this pillow.

5.  I have an office chair very similar to this and it is a great neutral for any color palette.

6.  Another touch of blue/green for some fresh flowers on your desk.

7.  I use this table as a desk. Inexpensive and large enough to spread work out on. 

8.  Every office needs baskets to corral the mess.

9.  Love this wall art. It may already be on the way to my home. 

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LindsB said...

um that brass art is pretty darn great! I might need it too!