"My first consideration in decorating a house is not how it is going to look, but how it will be used.   A dining room that will see lots of dinner parties requires ample seating, plus a shot of quiet glamour.  A room intended for lounging with the Sunday paper calls for furniture that you can put your feet on....Decor, in short, should be fact based.  It should be a reflection of how we live."
-Thom Filicia - American Beauty

I have read Thom Filicia's book, America Beauty, countless times.  Each chapter has the most incredible details on how he designed his lake home.  He draws upon the history of the town when beginning the design and goes on to list reasons on why he chose the floors, ceilings and everything in between.  The quote above is really how a good designer should think when designing a home and why we ask silly questions like "where do you eat dinner?" and "what are some of your favorite memories in this home?" when first meeting you.  These answers allow designers to read into how you live your life so that we can translate that into the design of your home. 

Thom mentions that he did not want the ceilings to go untouched in the renovation so when possible, he added an X on the ceilings (as seen in the photo above) which became a trend in the home.  He added some windows with and X and also brought that feature into some of the furniture.   It really is amazing to read about how this home came together and I highly recommend running out to purchase this book if you have not done so already!

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