"You can achieve good taste in a room through a deliberate balance of old and new, serious and silly, picked-up-off-the street and custom made.  When designing, even at the highest end, I tend not to buy items that all have the same vibration in terms of value, patina, provenance, or "importance"." 
-Celerie Kemble - To Your Taste

One of my favorite things to do is read books by designers and people that inspire me.  I am always trying to learn and discover new things in the world of interior design and look up to those that are masters in their field.  Normally I jot down quotes or sentences from these books to refer to again and again.  I could not agree more with the quote above that Celerie Kemble mentions in To Your Taste.  The room above (in the same book) clearly reflects the quote beautifully. The new furniture has gorgeous lines and the antique sconce on the wall makes a statement while the artwork may seem "silly" to some. Together all the items work perfectly.

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LindsB said...

I love this book!! Do you have the Katie Ridder book? She might be too cray cray for you, but I LOVE her!