My love for residential aesthetics does not stop with interiors.   Driving by a gorgeous colonial or finding a beautiful farmhouse on Pinterest sparks my imagination and I begin mentally designing the ideal interior.   I believe exterior should project and reflect the interior design theme.  In this new series, "Exterior/Interior", I will select a new home once a week and put my twist on the decor of one room.  

Our first installment features this modern farmhouse. Armed with an unlimited budget (which never happens), here is my take on a guest bath.  

+ Warm, neutral palette
+ Polished hardware 
+ Porcelain flooring that resembles hardwood
+ Classic clawfoot bathtub for soaking

mirror // light // faucet // sink // bathtub // hooks // floor // windows // photo


Megan said...

What a fun, fresh idea for a series. I'm looking forward to see what you post next. I'd be dying to see what you come up with for a traditional saltbox style home. Our red "barn-like" house had me with it's New England curb-appeal, but trying to translate that vibe, without being to literal, into the interior has been a challenge. I tend to agree with you, the exterior and exterior should compliment!

Emily said...

Thanks Megan! So glad you like the series. I'll add a saltbox to my list of ideas. :)

Scott Rees said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for including our photo of the Sonoma Farmhouse carriage doors in your design experiment. The whites of the interior guest bath seem like a great match for the home's architecture. Please feel free to use some of our other pictures from our carriage doors gallery!