We are slowly making updates to our home. This November will mark three years since we moved to this house and I still have a LONG way to go in terms of decorating. Every time I started a room it seemed as though something big needed to be done (new roof, new floors) that took $$$ from my decorating budget. 

Our kitchen is not even as pretty as the before photo above. The countertops are not my style, nor are the cabinets. I would kill for the Viking stove in the image here but unfortunately mine is electric and black (although I am able to pull-off some delicious meals with it). I have been thinking about updating our kitchen (on a budget) for some time now and after seeing this incredible transformation, it may have just gone to the top of my list.  

All of the original cabinetry was kept as well as appliances and countertops. Doesn't it look incredible? The updates included paint, hardware and lighting. The countertops were also honed which I love. Include some new utensil rails to keep counters clean and there you have it, an updated space. 

More images here


LindsB said...

That is amazing!! The inside painted blue is my favorite part!

Emily said...

Same here! it is like a little surprise when you walk in the kitchen.