Do or Don't: Chair Rails

Our home does not have a designated formal dining room.  Instead, we have two walls that define the "dining area" and when we moved in, there was a lovely chair rail in the space, with painted stripes along the upper section of the wall instead of wallpaper. Here is a picture I took after I decided to take down the chair rail one random day.

Are you impressed with the stripes? I, for one, am happy I never have to look at them again. Since this is a small space, I felt that the chair rail really broke up the room, and not in a good way. I began reading up on chair rails and found that with the height of our ceilings, this was probably installed too high. Either way, it brought a formality to the room that I was looking to get abolish.  After thinking about it enough, I decided to take it down and forget about it forever! 

Afterwards, we filled in the space and primed it all because I had my eyes set on wallpapering these two walls with grasscloth to create some distinction from the rest of the floor which is all one color. I ordered up my grasscloth and when it arrived, I scheduled time so that my mother-in-law could come down to help me with the install. She is a genius that not only monograms beautifully, but knows a thing or two about hanging wallpaper!  After priming and prepping the walls the paper went up without fail and now I am finally able to stare at these walls.

To finish off the space, I need a new light along with a nice mirror on that bare wall. Removing that chair rail was just what I needed to give the room a more casual look to go along with the rest of our home and I am absolutely in love. 

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Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

gorgeous! what an upscale look that wall has now. Does your MIL hire out for monogramming? Im looking for someone in the area!
xo Nancy