Color Collection: August Blues

August is one of those months where summer is still in full-swing but has me dreaming of fall (it must be all those September issues on the newsstand). Blue is the one color that keeps coming to mind. This most likely stems from the copious amounts of blueberries I have been eating lately, or the fact that I am craving deeper hues with fall on the horizon.

1) Someday I will own one of these lamps.

2) The perfect pair of navy pumps and handbag.

3) A wool throw for those chilly August nights.

4) I usually opt for white bedding but I am thinking of pulling the trigger on these trellis sheets.

5) With an upcoming vacation to Nantucket I will always be reminded of this amazing home decorated by Victoria Hagan.

6) You can never go wrong with chambray, no matter what season.

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Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

So nice of you to stop by and great to find you, too! Hope to keep in touch and I wish you the best! Love that Victoria Hagan room and all your picks.
xo Nancy