"Students, they are called DRAPERIES"

I had a wonderful professor who has just retired, but was a designer in D.C. for almost 40 years. He was a WEALTH of knowledge and always had the best stories about design (and crazy clients). We often begged him for more stories when class ended.  One of the things that he loved to profess was his love for draperies.  He insisted that we do not call them window treatments (my favorite term) or curtains (God forbid) but only refer to them as draperies. To this day, I still have sounds of him shouting "draperies" whenever the topic is brought up. 

Lately I have been thinking about two windows in my kitchen and how to "dress" them. Since the windows are only about 5 inches apart (trim to trim), I am trying to decide if I should treat them as one window or two and whether or not I go with a roman shade in a linen or natural wovens.  I happen to love the simplicity of the romans above.

Our window situation is similar to the image above. We have a low seat below two windows (minus the bays on the side). I do like the idea of covering with one long roman. Ours will also be mounted on the outside which will hide all of the trim when pulled down.

Then again, I have always loved this image from Lonny with two separate natural woven blinds.

Or I can go with a gorgeous linen such as this option from Restoration Hardware.

I also love the idea of using a trim in a coordinating color to bring it all together. 

Again, an option of two shades with trim which looks simple and classic.

Do you prefer one large option to cover both windows, or two separate pieces that you can control separately? What about natural woven shades vs. a linen or fabric option?

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Day Old News said...

I love the linen options, especially with the trim. I know I was fortunate in that the previous owners of my condo put in plantation shutters everywhere, but I do love "draperies".