Perfectly placed chairs

I love flipping through shelter magazines and finding new uses for regular items in the home.  In the recent issue of Traditional Home, one image stood out to me.  The chairs in the image below stood out to me not only because of the gorgeous monogram, but also due to the texture of the fabric.  As I read further about the items used in the space, I learned that the chairs were upholstered in towels from Restoration Hardware by designer Marshall Watson

Are these not fabulous?  Interior designer Marshall Watson designed this space I love the detail of the towel edge on the sides of the chairs.  By using oversize towels you may actually be saving $$$ instead of using expensive fabric.  At the same time, a new texture is introduced into the space.  It is a genius idea for the dining area in this pool room.  The towels could not be used more appropriately! 

Art adds another element to the already gorgeous room.  The framed art is by Mary Judge and she uses pigment on paper to create these incredible drawings that mimic what an expert may be accomplish using a compass. Here are some of her pieces I find to be inspiring.

Now if only I had a pool house to run out and have some chairs reupholstered in terrycloth!

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