My Love for Tom (and Thom) - Part II

Yesterday's post detailed my love for Thom Filicia and Thomas O'Brien but focused on Mr. Filicia. Today Mr. O'Brien is up front and center.  My love for his design started years ago when I saw his work in Domino and then purchased his wonderful book.  The book really has some of the most inspiring images I have ever seen. He is not known to be a minimalist designer but there is a simplicity to his rooms that just resonates with me.  Whenever I go back to his book I find something new to look at or analyze that I had not seen in the past. I am clearly not the only one that feels this way about his work because clients like Giorgio Armani and Donna Karen are clearly agree.

What can I say, the man is aging well. When I saw him at market he looked exactly like the image above. I refrained from asking him his secrets. Now, onto the important

His loft apartment before and after remains on the neutral side, in terms of color but how incredible in terms of styling? Not sure which version I like more!

I could move into this bedroom tomorrow. Seriously, I would even take the twin bed if that was the only option. There is not one thing I would change. 

When looking at Thomas O'Brien's work, like Thom Filicia, it is easy to tell the design characteristics that stand out. Clearly, Tom O'Brien has a thing for the color blue. 

Blue is one color that stands out, but other than that, Mr. O'Brien loves neutrals. His rooms are often in tones of black, white, gray and creams and yet they look nothing like other neutral rooms you see around.

The neutrals that Tom uses on the walls are often contrasted with gorgeous antiques and dark furniture. In my opinion, it is how he seamlessly blends old antiques with a contemporary and bright color scheme.

By no means a minimalist, the rooms here prove that items have been collected over time and therefore, stand the test of time. If you look back at the work of Tom 10 years ago, the rooms are as timeless and appear as though they were done yesterday. To me, this is an art that not many possess but that Thomas O'Brien has perfected.

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LindsB said...

Oh yes, I have some love for him too!