My love for Tom (and Thom) - Part I

If you asked me what my design "style" is , I would have a tough time putting it into words.  Instead, I would have a much easier time telling you about the designers whose work I most admire.  Both Thomas O'Brien and Thom Filicia would be at the top of that list. The combination here may be puzzling because they both have very different aesthetics when it comes to design, but I seem to be a fan of both.  This realization came to me when I was at High Point Market and had the opportunity to see both of their work up close and personal (seeing and meeting them did not hurt either!). 

First off, two of my favorite books. If you don't own these, I recommend you run out immediately and find them because the inspiration is endless.

Both Thomas O'Brien and Thom Filicia have their own unique style that I could sit and look at all day long. Here are some of my favorites from each of them. 

First up, Thom Filicia. 

I would give my left leg for those klismos chairs. 

I always considered my style to be more simplistic but you will not find minimalism in either Thom Filicia or Thomas O'Brien's work..ever. The little things I realize about myself every now and then are often surprising. Here are some of the characteristics in Thom Filicia's work that repeats itself often.

From the use of grasscloth on walls to natural elements like a wooden stump or natural blinds, Thom adds this in every single space, as often as possible.

Another surprise for me here but Thom's work often includes a masculine touch. The furniture he uses (and designs) is very linear and structured. Check out the coffee table in images #2 and #5 above!

There is always, ALWAYS pattern used in the best ways when you see Thoms rooms. He has a way of blending solids with just enough pattern that everything melds perfectly. Normally used in carpets, pillows and window treatments, it is easy to understand how a room can transform down the road by changing out these out instead of big-ticket items like furniture.

Tune in tomorrow for more on Thomas O'Brien!

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