Destination: Delaire Graff Estate

I was just able to spend almost a week up in Boston visiting family and friends.  Coming home after being busy for days with family is always difficult but almost always has me dreaming up a new destination for my "travel bucket list". 

At a Fourth of July party we recently met a couple who are moving to South Africa for work.  Both the hubby and I dream of going on a safari in Africa someday and I would pack my bag tomorrow if presented with the opportunity to visit.  

So naturally, I take the time to start researching hotels for this pretend vacation that is NOWHERE near an option for us right now. Doesn't everyone do this sort of thing? I can tell you that when I win the lottery the bags will be packed and we will be on our way to stay at the Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa. Designed by the incredible David Collins, I can imagine waking up here for at least two weeks (maybe more). 

Is this enough or do you need more excuses to go? 

Did I mention there is also a vineyard???

Of course I will take the room with the infinity pool. Nothing more than a simple room is needed when you have that view!  

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