Destination: Chiswick

I have never been to Australia but it is a continent I hope to visit someday.  It just happened to move up many spots on my "must visit" list after learning about Chiswick, a restaurant located in Woollahra. Not only do I love the color palette of the restaurant (and the grounds), but the food also looks fantastic.  There are seasonal menus and the kitchen garden is used for the majority of the produce used in the meals. This is how I try to eat daily so the fact that I can do so in this gorgeous space makes me want to book a trip to Woollahra as soon as possible.

Can you spot the garden? I'll take a seat at the table by the window please! The mixture of chairs is perfect at the tables and the green glasses makes a nod to the gorgeous greenery of the outdoors.

The simplistic design is gorgeous in this space. Between the wood beams on the ceiling and the gorgeous subway tile along the kitchen, the restaurant mixes contemporary design in a welcome setting.

Here is my take on how you can get this look at home.

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faye said...

such a laid back set-up. i really like it