Tile Art

Did you all read the July issue of Architectural Digest yet? If not, get to it because it is FILLED with fabulous homes.

One of the things that stuck out to me was the breakfast area in the home on Shelter Island in New York. Designed by Russell Piccione, this home is a perfect summer retreat. The breakfast nook has a custom tile map of Shelter Island and makes the most incredible statement.

There is so much goodness in this photo I cannot take it. The contemporary light and table paired with the classic Windsor chairs in the gorgeous light-filled room is perfect. And I cannot not even talk about the hardware on that door. Do you ever see an image and keep going back to it only to find something new? I seem to do this too often.

I started to think more about how much of an impact a tile wall can make in a room. Here are some more incredible examples.


Incredible. Check the link for more amazing tile!


Here is my idea of a statement. I love cows (even though I do not eat them) and better yet, this restaurant uses the tile to post their daily specials. I see a trip to Cape Town in my future!

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LindsB said...

Such pretty art on tile! I dont know if I could live with it all the time, but then again I do like a little crazy in my design so maybe I could :)