Lighten Up

I am always thinking about trends in the home and what is "in style" today. There are so many things we see in homes continuously that show up in magazines, on websites and on Pinterest. With the saturation of these details around us, I wonder if trends will come and go quicker than they have in the past.  

One trend that I LOVE is dark floors but I slowly see myself inspired by spaces with lighter flooring. Normally one who has a traditional or transitional style, lighter floors were always seen in contemporary homes. This seems to be changing and I am now swearing that our next home will have light floors (and hopefully spend less time catching those dust bunnies I see on the dark floors). 

What are your thoughts? Would you take lighter floors, if given the chance?


LindsB said...

I've always had those traditional poopy brown New England colored wood floors (as I call them here) in my apartments. So naturally I have always craved dark, rich wood floors. But as I get older (read, want to spend less time cleaning) I'm kind of thinking that lighter floors are the way to go. Not a yucky brown/yellow or brown/red mix, but that perfectly perfect brown/tan stain that complements everything as well as dark does. These examples are what I'm talking about for sure!

auntp said...

I have maple colored floors, and I absolutely love them! Low maintenance and not so trendy either.