Destination: Cole's Greenwich Village

While I was in NYC I was hoping to have time to stop by Cole's Greenwich Village restaurant. It was designed by the one and only Steven Gambrel (one of my favorite designers) and he used the 1950's Greenwich Village artistic scene as inspiration in the space. 

The restaurant shouts classic, cool and modern to me and although I was unable to dine there this time around, it's at the top of my list for my next trip to NYC. 

The unassuming exterior has details that should not be avoided and prepares you for the amazing design that is inside. Here is one more example of why I feel like I need to be in school forever so that I can work on restaurant design.

I LOVE the amber glass that lines the windows. So simple but together, makes a huge statement.

The warm and cool color palette is incredible with shades of camel, gray, black and tan. Here are some residential spaces with the same color palette that are perfection.

David Jimenez

Lonny Magazine

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