Artefact Home

When I was visiting my family in Boston a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stop by Artefact Home located in Belmont. If you have any extra time to get to the suburbs, I highly suggest checking this place out! 

The store is owned by two sisters who clearly have a lot of talent. One focuses on the decor/design aspect of the store and the other puts together the garden and green arrangements both inside and outside.  There are some seriously amazing terrariums that are put together. In fact, my mother ended up walking away with one she had to have for her home. 

My idea of an ideal home: neutrals, brass, greenery. 

Can you believe the copper pipes and that sink? Please wrap it all up for me. I'll be up in 8 hours to pick up!

They also believe in working with local artisans. The amazing tables above are made in MA. How about that lucite? 

I told you the other sister has an amazing green thumb. This arrangement is perfection! You can add to my order from above. Or maybe I should just move back and into this store instead???  If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping by to check out these goods!

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LindsB said...

Why dont you just move back up here!! Boston misses you!