What's your favorite childhood memory?

I am deeming this the recap week of High Point Market. After finally getting back into the swing of things I have organized my mess of pictures a bit so this week will be all about what I learned and swooned over at market. It really was like being a kid in a candy shop. At the end of each day I was so tired from being on my feet for so many hours thinking about (or trying to recall) what I saw in the showrooms that I fell asleep in record time. 

One of the many highlights of my trip was sitting in on an interview that All the Best Blogger Ronda Carmen (whose book is wonderful!) gave to both Barry Dixon and Amanda Nisbet. If you follow me on Instagram (@perfectlyputtogether) you may have seen me post this photo. 

I have such an appreciation for these two designers since I heard them speak. Amanda Nisbet has one of the best personalities and is HILARIOUS and everything that Barry Dixon said about designing had me hanging on his every word. Here are a few photos of their work that I admire. 

Barry Dixon

Both Amanda Nisbet and Barry Dixon spoke about some of the trials they face with clients but the main point of the discussion was around what they believe makes a house a home. I must say, everything that came out of Barry's mouth was like music to my ears. I can see how clients would just say "Go ahead! Do whatever you want to my home because it is going to be beautiful!". He spoke about how windows are "the soul of the home" but the one thing that has stuck with me since was one of the questions on his client questionnaire. He always asks clients "what are some of your favorite childhood memories?".  

Barry mentioned that it is always important to make a home reflect each and every person. Amanda reiterated this as well. They both love to bring out pieces that clients may hide because they are "old" or "not on trend". Amanda loves to take the children's artwork of her clients and frame or display it in a special way. She thinks it is crazy when people hide this because it is not "pretty enough".   Barry loves to take (and use) old china or artifacts that remind people of their upbringing.  

Amanda Nisbet

 She really has a way with color!

I have thought about this a lot and both my grandmothers come to mind when thinking about my childhood. One of my grandmothers did not have a love for interiors (she had 8 children to raise!) but loved her bright lipstick and costume jewelry. I definitely see myself loving these things as well and often think of her as I put on some old jewelry of hers that I have inherited. I was even gifted her wedding band that I wear everyday and never plan on taking off. My other grandmother was a bit "fancier" and had what we call a "touch me not" house. Lots of breakables everywhere! One thing she particularly loved collecting was anything Lladro. There came a time when I could not even look at another piece of that collection but today, I would love a piece or two of hers to add to a bookshelf in my home. 

I truly believe that there are special things in everyone's home that should be put on display. This is what makes us who we are and what makes our homes a piece of us. It takes time to put a home (or rooms) together just right but adding an old photo or breaking out your grandmothers china takes only a moment. 

So tell me, what are some of your favorite memories of childhood? 

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