High Point Market Round 3

Hopefully I have not bored you to death with too many images from Market. It was an experience I loved (while being incredibly overwhelmed) and I hope to go again in the future. Art and accessories are some of the last things people think about when decorating their homes. It does not have to be expensive (Amanda Nisbet mentioned how she loves framing the artwork of her clients' children) and it will always be a way to bring personal memories to the forefront of your home. 

Market had so many showrooms with accessories and artwork that it was difficult to remember everything. Here are some favorites that stood out to me.

Natural Curiosities can do no wrong, in my mind. I would LOVE this piece in my dining room!

 Pheromone is quite incredible. It is all framed insects and I am not sure how I feel about the bird wings below but for some reason I could not stop staring at everything on the walls in here. The artist travels far and wide to find insects that are beautiful. Even simple shells look pretty when put to a frame!

More fun artwork for some gallery walls....

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