Bathing with Nature

While reading the new Traditional Home Magazine, I came across Oborain. They are a company out of MA (shout-out to my home state!) that makes incredible outdoor showers. Having grown up on Cape Cod I have so many fond memories of outdoor showers, as a necessity to avoid dragging sand into the house. 

Oborain makes these incredible showers that are easy on the eyes too! 

I would not even need a nearby beach to purchase one. Just sign me up for a hot summer day!

Here is some inspiration to get you all ready for the summer. The A/C is finally running here since it's in the 80's this week. I think spring is finally behind us!

My two favorites out of them all...



And we cannot forget the fabulousness of the new outdoor shower Brooke recently added to their new home. Every bit of this is perfection and I just about died when she posted the master bath. Check out her blog to oogle every bit of their new Patina Farm!

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