Designers make mistakes too

There has been a lot going on here lately. I have some exciting things in the works and cannot wait to spread the news (soon). I hate to admit but it has taken me a long time to make decisions on our home. When we first moved in here I was ready to tackle a few projects but long work hours paired with class at night and homework on the weekends filled all my time.

Since I left my full-time job last summer I have finally had more time to work on the house in between my class schedule and part-time work.  When we purchased our home the kitchen and entry had some VERY ugly ceramic tile that had many cracks. The rest of the first floor had some even uglier Pergo flooring (vinyl strips made to look like wood). Case in point.

Note: There are many more things wrong with this picture and that chair rail you see is one of them (that will be another post!)

After deciding that a floor with no breaks was the way to go, we finally put hardwood down everywhere and I could not be happier. It's warmer and for a few days I did not want to put any furniture back so I could stare at it and slide like Tom Cruise and his dance scene in Risky Business.

Since we were on a roll with getting things done, I decided to pick a paint color asap and get the room painted so it could all go together. I SHOULD have listened to myself and words I would tell a client such as "take your time, try out colors and live with them before making a decision". My goal was to go with a grey with blue tones. We put up a few samples that looked good to me and decided to paint. BIG MISTAKE. I actually like the room at night but as we all know, I have to look at it during the day. It is much more blue that I wanted and I see (dare i say) periwinkle, depending on the time of day. It would really be a gorgeous color for a single room but this needs to go throughout the first floor with our open plan and it just will not work.

Taking a risk in my own home is great but in this case, it did not work out. I have always preferred neutrals which is the way I should have gone and luckily, this is just paint and I can easily change the color. Now I will go to my trusty neutrals (which is what I should have done to begin with) and happily walk down the stairs in the morning without having to run into this color.


designchic said...

Sometimes it's harder to do our own many decisions!! Can't wait to see it as it progresses!!

LindsB said...

I hate secrets, spill the beans lady!!

alison g. said...

Hey Emily!
I've been meaning to reach out since Lindsey told me about you. I'm dying to have some friends in the DC area who are design-oriented, so I was very excited!
The house we've contracted on is in Burke. We'll try to tackle some projects on our own, but I'll def need some recommendations for contractors, etc.
We'll be up there sometime early August, and hoping we can meet then!

Thanks for checking in on my blog!

alison g.