And my kitchen obsession continues....

When I began taking design classes I immediately wanted to focus on kitchen and bath design. Since time has passed, I have realized I love working on kitchens and baths, but I also love designing every other room in a house. I am a stickler for details and I think this is where my first love for kitchen design began. There are so many things to think about and new options are always turning up. 

My love for Martha Stewart and her homes will live on forever and as I mentioned in this post, no detail is spared in her homes. If you read her blog, you may have seen the kitchen makeover in her Skylands home. Based on the post it looks like this will end up in a Martha Stewart catalog in the coming months.  I cannot get over the fact that this is the kitchen in the GUEST HOUSE.  Martha, if you ever have a weekend open and are up for some visitors, look no further. 

She used Home Depot cabinets from her collection and Corian countertops, which surprised me a bit. I heard one speaker at school mention Corian is making a comeback and I did not believe it but maybe it's true!

 I love the tones in the kitchen here. It's so welcoming and that backsplash of stainless steel tiles is amazing. The shelves are perfect and those corbels were made to look like the antique ones Martha has at her home.
 A great way to use every inch of the kitchen and keep your spices together.
 I could really use this little space in my kitchen. Perfect for the things you use everyday!
 I love white sinks but after seeing what my parents' looks like after 15 years of use, I prefer stainless. I love the beveled edges in this one.
And why should anyone go searching on your hands and knees to find a pot or pan in the back of the cabinet (not that I don't do that daily)? Here's a perfect solution!

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