Can't get it out of my head

Do any of you get stuck on an image? I mean the kind where you see something and can't stop thinking about it for ages? I have this happen more than I'd like to admit.  Ever since I saw Martha Stewart's kitchen (mind you, this was years ago), I have thought about the shelves seen below.

I would give my left arm for not only this kitchen, but a kitchen with this shelving. I love to cook and bake so over the years I have come across things I love (and things I would add to my dream kitchen), if given the chance. The ability to change the height of a shelf this quickly, while still looking good, goes to the top of my list! 

Martha calls this shelves "birds beak supports" but after doing a bit of research online, I have also seen them called sawtooth shelving and date back to before the Industrial Revolution.  Be aware, since no matter what they are called, these things are expensive! The article I read here is informative.

Here is another example of the shelves used in an image from Houzz in some built-ins. 

Traditional Family Room design by Boston Interior Designer Holly Joe Interiors, LLC

For now, I'll keep Martha's shelves pinned to my bulletin board so I can look at it daily, but if I ever win the lotto, you can be sure this detail will be included in my future kitchen! And just in case you forgot what Martha's kitchen looks like, here are some other details I drool over.                 


Stephanie Sabbe said...

I love that shelf detail. I wonder if they sell that piece stock? Seems like it would not be as expensive that way. I hate the adjustable holes and try to talk everyone out of them. Who (besides you it sounds like:) ever actually adjusts the shelves!?

Emily said...

I could not find anything like this as a piece stock but someone should get on that! I also hate the adjustable holes, which I have to deal with. And I have adjusted mine in our small pantry depending on what I have on each shelf. Comes in handy!

Day Old News said...

I always loved those shelves, too. And when I see pots and pan drawers with them floating individually? I die. My cupboards are stacked and packed. Someday I dream of a giant kitchen.