Day trip to Jerash

If you guessed Jordan for the image in the last post, then you are correct! My husband had to go for work and I decided to take some time and visit him and the amazing country, while I had the chance. I have to say, Jordanians are absolutely wonderful and hospitable. Yes, this is the Middle East but they welcome tourists and love to share their own stories. Jordan has many sites to see and I want to start this post out with one day trip I took on my own to Jerash which is just north of Amman.

Jerash dates back more than 6,500 years. It was hidden under sand until the excavation took place, some 70 years ago and you can still see columns that are still buried. Jerash is said to be one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world and we're lucky enough to see Byzantine work as well. Needless to say, I was in awe walking through this "city".

 Here's Akram, my tour guide. He has 11 children and 70 (yes, 70!) grandchildren. He admitted to me he doesn't remember all of their names. 

 The Acanthus plant was growing there. Amazing to see it against the Corinthian columns.
 Unfortunately, I was alone so here's the only picture I have of myself.
Check back soon for the next stop...Petra!


Megan said...

Gorgeous! cant wait to see the rest of your trip

designchic said... spectacular - can't wait to follow along!

LindsB said...

These pics look just like my photos from Rome!! What a wonderful trip you had, I cant wait to see the rest of it!