A nice break from reality...

This past July we were lucky enough to snag a week at my aunt's home on Martha's Vineyard. We have been going to visit for years but normally it's in the fall after the summer season is over, so this was a big treat! The break was just what we needed and the weather could not have been more perfect. Almost every day was gorgeous and sunny. We were able to relax and get out to see so much of the island. I'll also recommend you hit up State Road Restaurant if you can. They use all local ingredients and it's delicious!

Spent plenty of days at the beach with my sisters...

Went to the coast.

And hit up Larsen's for fresh seafood in Menemsha. A must if you visit!

I will never tire of downtown Edgartown

Or the trips to Morning Glory Farm for fresh fruits and veggies.

We also hit up the craft fair. I could have taken this art home with me. The photographer uses all the animals on the island as her subjects. Check out her incredible portfolio here.

Why yes I need to use these massive letters somewhere someday. Aren't they fun?

And this gorgeous chest found at Midnight Farm, co-owned by Carly Simon.

Now I am just counting down the days until we return next year. I'm not thinking about how it's only August!


Day Old News said...

That ABC chest is amazing!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

Bryan was in MV this weekend for a bachelor party! We love Larsens! Family fave!

carlee {deliciously organized} said...

so glad to have you back in action!